May 2019

MIAMA Board Member Article

David Waabe – Chaska Community Center Arena Supervisor

“Great Things Never Came from Comfort Zones”

I find this quote to be pretty fitting in my work and personal life these days.  In my role with the Chaska Community Center, our department has gone through a number of changes over the two years in staffing and department’s vision for our community. Maybe it’s because of having a young family where change happens on a daily basis or the various changes that have taken place at work; either way I’ve realized and become more accepting and welcoming of change as time has gone along.

Now that we are in the midst of our slower season, I’ve taken a few minutes each day to step away and reflect on what I might be interested in developing or updating to make my duties and my staff’s responsibilities much easier. How about in your personal lives? What are some things you’d like to change? Maybe it’s visit with family more often, get more education, maybe its as simple as take more time off.   I encourage you to do the same. Try it. Put pen to paper and you just might come up with a list 😊.

While I know some changes are not always feasible because of budgets, rules, regulations and other factors, I’ve found it empowering that if I want to make a change I potentially can as long as I’ve done my research, have a clear vision for the need for change and can prove that it could be worth it in the end for the department.

In our industry, we can’t stay in our comfort zone otherwise we’ll just continue to do the same thing day after day. Change can be a good thing.  Making a modification to our daily lives can be a learning experience, sometimes it comes out in a positive manner and sometimes not as we planned but we hope to learn something from it, and that’s good thing.

All in all, please remember that great things never came from comfort zones. I encourage you all to put that pen to paper. It can be pretty exhilarating to cross items of that list we’ve made.

David Wabbe
MIAMA Board Member

May 2019 – MIAMA Board Member Article