The 2021 MIAMA Fall Conference will be held from September 7 – 10, 2021 at Sugar Lake Lodge in Cohasset, MN.

The Vendor Trade show is scheduled for Wednesday, September 8th from 6:30-8:30pm.


The 2021 Fall Conference Begins in…

-136Days -17Hours -45Minutes -27Seconds

Conference registration opened on July 1, 2021 and closed on August 13, 2021.

Registration for the 2021 MIAMA Fall Conference is now closed.

If you have any questions, please contact Dean Mulso at


Conference Education Highlights

These educational opportunities are scheduled for the 2021 MIAMA Fall Conference:


Ammonia Safety & Training Institute (ASTI) –

Ammonia Awareness and Emergency Response Training


United States Ice Rink Association –

Ice Making & Painting Technologies – IMPT


2021 Fall Conference Agenda


2021 MIAMA Fall Conference Agenda (subject to change)

Tuesday: September 7, 2021

9:00am—11:30am                 Registration (Main Lobby at SSL)

12:00pm—12:30pm               Lunch (SSL Lodge Dining Room)

10:00am—5:00pm                 Ammonia Safety & Training Institute (ASTI) Course

12:30pm—5:00pm                 Ice Making and Painting Technologies (IMPT)


5:00pm—6:00pm                   Dinner (SSL Lodge Dining Room)

6:30pm—8:30pm                   IMPT Course / ASTI Course

8:45pm—10:00pm                 MIAMA Board of Directors Meeting (Asplin II)


Wednesday: September 8, 2021

7:00am—8:30am                  Breakfast (Lodge Dining Room)

8:30am—12:15pm                 IMPT Course / ASTI Course

12:15pm—1:00pm                 Lunch (Lodge Dining Room)

1:00pm—4:45pm                  IMPT Course / ASTI Course

5:00pm—5:30pm                  Dinner (Lodge Dining Room)

5:30pm—5:45pm                  MIAMA Update

5:45pm—6:30pm                  Guest Speaker – Matthew Jasper (Lodge Dining Room)

6:30pm—8:30pm                  Trade Show (Alexander I, II, III)

8:30pm—9:15pm                   Social Hour (Outside Trade Show Room)

9:15pm—?                                Bean Bag Tournament & Social (Outside)


Thursday: September 9, 2021

6:30am—9:00am                   Breakfast (Lodge Dining Room)

8:30am—12:00pm                 IMPT Course / ASTI Course

12:00pm—12:30pm               IMPT Course Lunch (BOX LUNCH FOR IMPT Attendees)

12:30pm—4:30pm                 IMPT Course


Breakout Sessions

9:15am—10:15am                 Software Options and update (Alexander I & II)

                                                  Presenter: John Cole – St. Paul Academy/Drake Arena

10:15am—10:30am              Break

10:30am—11:30am              Advertising and Naming Rights (Alexander I & II)

                                                 Presenter: Chris Potenza – Rinkside Advertising Network

11:45am—12:30pm              Lunch (Lodge Dining Room)

1:00pm—7:00pm                 Networking

7:00pm—8:00pm                Dinner (Alexander I, II)

7:45pm—8:00pm                Member Recognition and Networking Awards (Alexander I, II)

8:30pm—?                            Bonfire/Networking/NFL Viewing Party  (Lobby Bar & Deck, Cash Bar)


Friday: September 10, 2021

6:30am—9:00am                 Breakfast (Lodge Dining Room)

8:30am—11:30am                IMPT Course / ASTI Course

11:30am—12:00pm              Multiple Raffle Drawings (Alexander I)

12:00pm—1:00pm               Lunch (Lodge Dining Room)

12:30pm—2:00pm               IMPT and ASTI Testing


Breakout Sessions

9:15am—10:15am                 Employee Staffing and Training (Alexander I & II)

                                                 Presenter: John Cole – St. Paul Academy/Drake Arena

10:15am—10:30am              Break

10:30am—11:30am              Water Quality/Cooling Tower Treatment Programs (Alex I & II)

                                                  Presenter: Cody Capra – Apex Companies

11:30am—12:00pm              Multiple Raffle Drawings (Maple Room)

12:00pm—1:00pm               Lunch (Lodge Dining Room)