2019 Fall Conference

Fall Conference Begins in…

-77Days -14Hours -49Minutes -23Seconds

Conference registration is CLOSED. 

Conference Education Highlights and Agenda

Guest Speaker— Gold Medalist Curling Olympian John Schuster – MOVED TO WEDNESDAY EVENING

CIT Recertification Exam (Tuesday)

You MUST register with U.S. Ice Rink Association for the CIT Recertification Exam by clicking here: 2019 CIT Recertification Exam Registration

Basic Arena Refrigeraton (BAR)

Presented by the USIRA Staff – The Basic Arena Refrigeration course introduces participants to the cycle of refrigeration and primary mechanical components of an ice rink refrigeration system. Participants will learn the importance and the role logbooks play in maintenance of the refrigeration equipment. Participants will gain an understanding of how the refrigeration cycle relates to the installation and maintenance of a quality ice surface. Participants will also learn how to identify potential energy savings through efficient operations of the refrigeration system. Participants will complete a written exam on the last day of the course.

Certificate of Arena Management (CAM)

Presented by the ISI staff – Topics include: Role of Arena Manager; Leadership; Financial Management; Contract Administration; Arena Scheduling; Public vs. Private Management; Risk Management; Budgeting for Managers. Participants will complete a written exam on the last day of the course.

Ammonia & Natural Refrigerant Safety

History, what is ammonia, Terminology and acronyms; Maintenance suggestions, Code, Ammonia safety, Fernie incident

 Tuesday: September 3, 2019 

11:00am—12:30pm      CIT Recertification Exam (Asplin II) 

11:00am—12:00pm      Registration (Main Lobby) 

12:15pm—12:30pm       Introduction/Orientation by Presenting Staff—each classroom 

12:30pm—3:00pm       Basic Arena Refrigeration (BAR) Course (Alexander III) –  

                                         Certificate of Arena Management (CAM) Course (Asplin I) 


3:15pm—5:45pm         BAR Course (Alexander III) 

                                        CAM Course (Asplin I) 

5:45pm—6:30pm        Dinner (Lodge Dining Room) 

6:30pm—8:30pm        BAR Course (Alexander III) 

                                        CAM Course (Asplin I) 

8:45pm—10:00pm     MIAMA Board of Directors Meeting (Maple) 

Wednesday: September 4, 2019 

7:00am—8:00am        Breakfast (Lodge Dining Room) 

8:00am—10:00am      BAR Course (Alexander III) 

                                         CAM Course (Asplin I) 

10:00am—10:15am      Break 

10:15am—12:15pm       BAR Course (Alexander III) 

                                         CAM Course (Asplin I) 

12:15pm—1:15pm         Lunch (Lodge Dining Room) 

1:15pm—2:45pm          BAR Course (Alexander III) 

                                         CAM Course (Asplin I) 

3:15pm—3:30pm          Break 

3:30pm—4:45pm         BAR Course (Alexander III) 

                                         CAM Course (Asplin I) 

5:00pm—5:30pm        Dinner (Lodge Dining Room) 

5:30pm—5:45pm        MIAMA Update

5:45pm—6:30pm        Guest Speaker— Gold Medalist Curling Olympian John Schuster  

                                        (Lodge Dining Room) 

6:30pm—8:30pm       Trade Show (Alexander I, II, III) 

8:30pm—9:30pm       Social Hour (Outside Trade Show Room) 

9:30pm—11:00pm     Bean Bag Tournament & Social (Outside) 

Thursday: September 5, 2019 

6:30am—8:00am       Breakfast (Lodge Dining Room) 

8:00am—9:00am       Office Time (Catch Up with Work) 

8:15am—12:00pm      BAR Course (Alexander III) 

                                       CAM Course (Asplin I) 

Breakout Sessions 

9:15am—10:15am    Cleaning Solutions (IRA CIVIC ARENA—Carpool—meet at Front entry of lodge—8:30am) Get information on the newest cleaning solutions.  Hands on operation of new equipment. 

9:15am—10:15am       Ammonia & Natural Refrigerant Safety (Alexander I) Ammonia: The Natural Refrigerant – Part 1 – Bob Lind Presenter 

History, what is ammonia, Terminology and acronyms 

10:15am—10:30am    Break 

10:30am—11:30am      Curling Preparation (IRA CIVIC ARENA) – Learn from the ice experts that are putting the ice in at the IRA Civic Arena that week for the Bonspiel.  Ask questions and moreKevin Madsen and Keith Turk Presenting 

10:30am—11:30am     Ammonia & Natural Refrigerant Safety (Alexander I) Maintenance suggestions, Code, Ammonia safety, Fernie incident – Part 2 – Bob Lind Presenter 

11:30am—12:30pm     Lunch (Lodge Dining Room) 

1:00pm—6:00pm       Networking 

7:00pm—8:00pm      Dinner (Alexander I, II) 

7:45pm—8:00pm      Member Recognition & Networking Awards (Alexander I, II) 

8:30pm—?                  Bonfire/Networking (Lobby Bar & Deck, Cash Bar) 

Friday: September 6, 2019 

6:30am—8:00am      Breakfast (Lodge Dining Room) 

8:00am—9:00am      Office Time (Catch Up with Work) 

8:15am—11:30pm      BAR Course (Alexander III) 

                                      CAM Course (Asplin I) 

12:30pm – 2:00pm   BAR and CAM Testing 

 Breakout Sessions 

9:15am—10:15am      Open Round Table (Alexander I) – Please bring your issue, questions and ideas to this session. No limit to the topics covered. 

9:15am—10:15am      Protecting Your Investment (Alexander II) Asset management is one of a facility operator’s most important responsibilities. Scheduled maintenance, replacement of aging equipment and addition of needed improvements will extend the lifespan and maintain the value of any facility – Jayson Dwelle Presenting 

10:15am—10:30am   Break 

10:30am—11:30am   Don’t forget about Outside – Your Building’s Exterior Matters (Alexander I) – Dean Mulso Presenting        

11:30am—12:00pm Multiple Raffle Drawings (Maple Room) 

12:00pm—1:00pm     Lunch (Lodge Dining Room) 

Registration and Lodging Information

Lodging for the conference is now available by filling out the following forms…Vendors, please note there is a separate lodging form for vendors:

2019 Sugar Lake Lodge Registration – ATTENDEE

2019 Sugar Lake Lodge Registration – VENDORS

Once filled out, please send to Sugar Lake Lodge. Please remember that lodging is booked directly with Sugar Lodge via this form and NOT through MIAMA.