February 22, 2021

mn dept of health

MDH Sports Quarantine Clarification – Updated 2/19/21

MDH has shared a new quarantine guidance for youth/adult athletes.
Below is a quick look at the criteria for a shortened quarantine.
A shortened quarantine period may be considered for return to play:
  • If the athlete was WEARING A MASK at the time of exposure AND
  • if both the following are true:
(1) The person has NOT had symptoms of COVID-19 during the quarantine period.
(2) The person does NOT live with someone who has COVID-19.
If any of the three criteria above are not met, the person would need to complete a 14 day quarantine and may not return to play early.
If and only if all of the above conditions are true, quarantine may be shortened to:
  • 7 day quarantine (return to sports on day 8): athlete must have a negative PCR test (not an antigen test or antibody/blood test) with the specimen taken days 5-7 after exposure
  • 10 day quarantine (return to sports on day 11): athlete is not required to have a negative test; however, testing by PCR days 8-10 is still strongly recommended to reduce risk of spread to other athletes.

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MDH Sports Quarantine Clarification – Updated 2/19/21