2021 MIAMA Membership Renewal Instructions


January 13, 2021

Membership renewal 2019

MIAMA is currently taking 2021 membership renewals and vendor membership renewals.

If you haven’t renewed yet, your 2020 MIAMA Membership is in a grace period and will expire on January 31, 2021.

To check if you have or have not renewed, here is a quick way to check:

1. Log-in to www.miama.org
2. Click on:

2021 Membership Renewal

Renew your 2021 MIAMA Membership today before it expires on January 31st.
Click Here To Renew Today
3. Then look here for your membership renewal:
Welcome Jon Balvance.
(Not Jon Balvance, or want to do this for a different person?)
MIAMA Membership Renewal Your Arena Member membership expires on December 31st, 2021.

Up to date renewal statistics:

185 total facilities in MN
In 2020, there were 118 MIAMA facility members
As of 1/12/21, there has been 64 of the 118 facility members who have renewed. (54%)


Please go to 2021 MIAMA Renewal Page and get your membership renewed today.
You will need to log-in to your account or create an account before renewing.
You can choose from two forms of payment; one is via Credit Card using PayPal, secondly is by choosing to pay later via check. If you use the check method, you will receive an email with your invoice attached.
PLEASE provide all your information in the fields so our records stay current and up to date. Have your staff login into the website as well and also update their information. This is the only system MIAMA uses to get our information out to the membership.


Due to COVID-19, MIAMA is waiving the 2021 Vendor Member fees for all 2020 MIAMA Vendor Members.
If your company would like to upgrade your membership, here is the 2021 MIAMA Vendor Member Sponsorship Program Flyer.
2021 MIAMA Vendor Member Sponsorship Flyer
If you would like to upgrade, please contact Dean Mulso at dmulso@miama.org
If you were signed up as a Full, Social or Marketing Vendor Member Sponsor in 2020, all of the items listed on the flyer for your membership level will be taken care of for your company. You will not need to sign up for the Spring Workshop or Fall Conference Trade Shows (lodging will be the companies responsibility to book) as Dean will take care of that for you if you choose a Membership package.
Dean will contact companies for attendees for trade show booth name badges and your companies latest logo.
If you are a new MIAMA Vendor Member, please go to 2021 MIAMA Renewal Page and get your vendor membership renewed today.
You will need to log-in to your account or create an account before renewing.
Any questions please email Dean Mulso at dmulso@miama.org or
Jon Balvance at jbalvance@miama.org
The MIAMA office has moved to:
Minnesota Ice Arena Managers Association
2533 Sumac Circle
White Bear Lake, MN 55110
Sincerely, MIAMA Board of Directors

2021 MIAMA Full Membership Vendors

Ads on boards 2020
All-American logo - 2020
Apex - 10-2014
Arena Warehouse
Athetica RGB for light bkgnd
Away with me Travel
B 32
Becker 2020
Bright Ice Project
Carlson Stewert 2018
Honeywell Logo
Industrial Battery Products
Master Electric
McKinstry - 10-2015
Mendota Valley
RR logo-small
RInk Tec 2018 Logo
Zamboni 2020

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