MIAMA Around the Rink – June 19, 2020: State issues new guidance on youth sports during COVID-19


June 19, 2020

MIAMA received the below information late this afternoon, Friday, June 19th in regards to the new guidance that was released today. This covers all Youth and Adult sports.
Here is a link to the guidance as well:
COVID-19 Sports Guidance for Youth and Adults
State of Minnesota Press Release:
State issues new guidance on youth sports during COVID-19
The quick highlights are:
  • POD size increase to 2 PODS of 25 skaters including coaches on June 24th. (If you want to use full ice for practice then 1 POD of 25 will work to use full ice).
  • Games will resume July 1, 2020 for Ice Hockey
  • Up to 250 Spectators can be in facilities with proper social distancing. # of spectators depends upon your facility.
The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) strongly recommends the following timelines for all ages:
Games/scrimmages – both within teams and between teams:
▪ June 24 or later for outdoor sports
▪ July 1 or later for indoor sports
Full team practices for all sports
June 24 for indoor and outdoor sports
For organized sports of all ages, pod sizes for non-game settings are required to not exceed 25 people per pod, both inside and outside.
Intermixing between pods should still be kept to a minimum.
Having pods reduces the number of people potentially exposed if you have a case of COVID-19 and also makes it easier to quickly identify close contacts.
Even though epidemiological indicators show that COVID-19 is slowing in Minnesota, it is still important to plan and move cautiously when re-opening sports. Teams should recognize that COVID-19 activity may be different in different regions of the state, and therefore there is risk associated when inter-team games begin. Participating in games that require travel out of state is strongly discouraged to reduce risk of exposure. Before teams make decisions on traveling to other regions or states for games, they should review activity levels of the virus to inform their decision.
Recommendations for re-opening sports
Even though this guidance permits resuming games, scrimmages, and practices per the dates outlined above, the MDH still recommends a phased-in approach for the re-opening of sports. This is especially important for sports that haven’t been able to have games up to this point. MDH recommends the following strategy and example as a way to phase into competition:
  • Starting on June 24, begin with inter-team scrimmages as part of practice.
  • Two weeks later, focus on playing teams in your local community, local club, or local organization.
  • After another two weeks, consider expanding to teams beyond your local community, but consider COVID-19 case activity level and risk in those communities when making travel decisions.
Before re-opening, review national guidance on how to re-open sports safely:
  • CDC guidance has considerations for youth sports. These principles can be applied to all ages:
Considerations for Youth Sports
Consider the kind of contact each sport involves:
  • Reduce contact between players as much as possible, even during games.
  • Before starting games for any sport, consider the risk associated with that sport.
  • It is important to remember that the more physical contact that occurs between people, the greater risk there is in spreading illness.

COVID-19 Reopening Template

The MIAMA Board of Directors and members have developed a COVID-19 Business Plan Template shown below to help your facility in reopening.

This is a required document for your facility to open and you must have it ready to show anyone at anytime without exception.

Please feel free to use this in developing your own facilities reopening plan. You will also find the COVID-19 Preparedness Plan for reopening from Fogerty Arena to reference for ideas. The Fogerty Arena plan is only a sample of what your facilities reopening plan could look like when it is completed. MIAMA thanks the Fogerty Arena for sharing this document.

MIAMA COVID-19 Reopening Template

The information provided on this page is informational and are recommendations only. MIAMA is not providing any facility a specific plan to re-open. Each facility will need to create their own plan and get approval of your plan from your local government authorities, state government authorities, federal government authorities and governing board of directors that approve your policies and procedures.
Please see our reference page (below) for COVID-19 information, recommendations and best practices. If you would like to add a link to this reference page, please email Jon Balvance at jbalvance@miama.org

MIAMA COVID-19 Reference Page

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