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MIAMA Member Spotlight: Luke Jacobsen – Rosemount Community Center

Name: Luke A Jacobsen                                                                                                                                         

Organization Name: City of Rosemount

Address: 13885 So Robert Trail

City: Rosemount                                                                   State: MN                                Zip: 55068

Phone #: 651-322-6001


Tell us how you got into the industry?  I grew up playing hockey and loved being around the rink. I attended UND where the old and new Ralph Engelstad Arenas were amazing.  After graduation when a part-time position opened up at the Rosemount Ice Arena where I played as a kid and is located 4 blocks from home, I jumped on the opportunity and it eventually became my career.

How many years have you been in the ice arena industry? 8 Years and counting

What type of Ice Resurfacer does you facility operate?  Zamboni Electric 552

What type of Ice Edger does your facility operate?  Electric – Winn 

What is the size of your ice sheet? NHL 200 x 85

What type of floor do you have in your facility? (Sand/Cement/Other)  Cement – painted floor markings

What is the best part about working in an ice arena? Giving back to the community and being around hockey on a daily basis.  

Using one word, name one thing you love about working at a rink?  Fun!

Nobody’s perfect in this industry. Tell us your worst experience at a rink so far?  Having the Zamboni break down at the far-side of the rink before open skate and a night full of games.  We skated the Zamboni off the ice and had it fixed in time to only have the first period of the first game on dirty ice. 

What are the first three things you do when you get to the rink each day?  I work nights and weekends mostly, so check the compressor room, daily ice schedule, and talk with the staff I’m tagging off with for my shift.

How do you feel ongoing professional development is helping you and your career?  I’ll take any opportunity to learn what I can to better my career,   through work experience, the U.S. Ice Rink Association or the Ice Skating Institute iAIM classes. 

How would you explain to the average hockey parent how the ice resurfacer works to resurface the ice?

The resurfacer shaves the ice, then fills the skate marks with water is as basic as I can be.  It takes lots of practice to make a great sheet of ice.

Career highlight or accomplishment you are most proud of?  Becoming a Certified Ice Technician (CIT)

Advice for making it in the sports industry or for someone wanting to be a Zamboni driver?  Work hard and put in your time, just get your foot in the door and make it happen.

Who would you like to acknowledge for helping (mentoring) you along the way?  All the people that trained me in when I started part time and Jon Balvance who has furthered my education and experience through MIAMA

What certifications have you attained within the industry? (STAR classes, ISI classes, etc)  Certified Ice Technician, iAIM Certificate of Arena Operations

What is the best tip you have learned from any of the classes offered through MIAMA?  Just listen and learn from the people that have been in the industry for many years.

Luke Zam Photo

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