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Rinkfinder.com Information

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In the coming months you will see some cosmetic changes to www.rinkfinder.com as we enhance and freshen up the look. If you have any suggestions to the look of our site, please send suggestions to Travis Larson @ tlarson@miama.org or Jon Balvance @ jbalvance@miama.org


We encourage each and every member of MIAMA to keep your rinkfinder.com page up to date. This is a great time of year to review your information and make any necessary changes as you renew your MIAMA membership. Please include current staff members, contact information and other arena information. You can also upload your ice for sale, open skating times, open figure skating times, open hockey times, etc.


Rinkfinder.com Instructions

If you haven’t used www.rinkfinder.com in the past or would like to get back to using it this season, here are some items of what to look for when you are on the main page of www.miama.org and links to get started.


a.       Go to www.miama.org

b.      On the main page, go to NEW RINKFINDER.

c.       Then go to whichever instructions you would like to utilize.

                        RF (Rink Finder) Account Setup


                                                This is where you should go if you’ve never used www.rinkfinder.com before or don’t know your user name and password


New Rinkfinder.com Instructions


                                                This will show you how to use www.rinkfinder.com


We also have in this location a couple You tube videos:

                                    How to – General Navigation



How to – Arena Page Set Up



If you need any additional help with the www.rinkfinder.com, please don’t hesitate to contact Travis Larson @ tlarson@miama.org or Jon Balvance @ jbalvance@miama.org with any questions and we’ll do our best as time permits to get back to you with support.




Jon Balvance

MIAMA Communications Director

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