September 2016 Monthly Board Member Article

MIAMA Communications Director – Jon Balvance                           

The purpose of the communications director is to keep our membership informed of items related to our industry via our website,, on social media via our Facebook and Twitter pages and through an annual report published for the fall conference each year.

The Communications Director is also expected to:

·         Spotlight our membership, vendors and alumni members to our association. 

·         Develop a picture gallery for inclusion in the weekly digital newsletter.

·         Encourage members to contribute to our website with news of the industry.

·         Promote networking events within the industry.

·         Compile monthly board member articles for publication.

·         Compile and publish an annual report to include highlights and results of the year.

·         Present the story of the James Padgett award recipient and short features on the Alan K. Payne conference grant winners.

Since September 2015, has spotlighted 18 members, 3 vendors and 1 alumni member. Our presence has increased on our website, Facebook & Twitter pages by posting current events within our industry on a regular basis. We currently have 137 people that like our Facebook page and 87 people following our twitter pages. You can search for our Facebook page: Minnesota Ice Arena Managers Association or our Twitter page: @miamarinks.

If you see something that you think should be posted on the website and social media for our industry, please contact Communications Director Jon Balvance at


Jon Balvance

MIAMA Communications Director

Follow us on Twitter: @MIAMARINKS

Like us on Facebook: Minnesota Ice Arena Managers Association


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