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Name: David Umlauf

Organization Name: Fergus Falls Community Arena

Address: 340 Friburg Ave North

City: Fergus Falls        State: MN        Zip:56537

Email: david.umlauf@ci.fergus-falls.mn.us

Phone #: 218-332-5803

Website: http://fergusfallshockey.pucksystems.com/


Tell us how you got into the industry?

The city took over the arena and needed an assistant manager so I transferred from maintenance at the incinerator to the arena. I always liked sports, but had only played broomball on ice.


How many years have you been in the ice arena industry?



What is the best part about working in an ice arena?

The people and the kids.


Using one word, name one thing you love about working at a rink?



Nobody’s perfect in this industry. Tell us your worst experience at a rink so far?

It was a game night and I was in a hurry to do the ice. I didn’t drop the box on the Zamboni and caught the main water line. With the help of a local plumber we were ready to go for the game.


What are the first three things you do when you get to the rink each day?

Make sure the entrance is neat and clean, check for schedule changes, check email.


How do you feel ongoing professional development is helping you and your career?

The industry is changing and this keeps me up to date with the current trends.


How would you explain to the average hockey parent how the ice resurfacer works to resurface the ice?

We scrape up the ice shavings, wash the ice and then lay down hot water to fill in the skate marks.


Who would you like to acknowledge for helping (mentoring) you along the way?

Dale Hanson – R & R Specialties and a MIAMA vendor member.


What is the best tip you have learned from any of the classes offered through MIAMA?

Logs for everything and especially my HVAC units.



Jon Balvance

MIAMA Communications Director


Facebook: Minnesota Ice Arena Managers Association


MIAMA Member Spotlight: Dave Umlauf – Fergus Falls Community Arena