As September comes around each year the thoughts are always on the upcoming Fall Conference. Hard to believe MIAMA is 40. For 40 years this great organization has standardized the industry in Minnesota, something we are all very proud of. Looking back to 1973, my first year in the Ice Rink Business, standing in the middle of an uncooperative rink, arms stretched out to the heavens screaming “There must be a better way!” And there was, MIAMA. MIAMA answered all my questions, showed me solution options I could find nowhere else. MIAMA gave me opportunities to hook up with vendors specific to our industry who made a huge difference in the outcome of my career.

I remember the people who mentored me, willing to share all their knowledge with me and anyone who would ask. Over the years I have been able to pay back that mentoring by sharing my experiences with others. It is the circle of MIAMA.

As the early generation of MIAMA Members continue to retire, we are still able to share our experiences with those who ask. The MIAMA Alumni Retiree program will become a resource for techniques, experiences and support.

For those just entering the Ice Rink Industry, 40 years from know you will no longer be asking the questions, you will be passing along your experiences and mentoring those just coming in. The circle of MIAMA. Cherish the moments in those 40 years, the highs, the lows, it’s all a learning curve you will experience throughout your years including the last year of your employment. Remember those moments that inspire you to do great things and repeat.

The MIAMA Alumni Retiree program will become more active and be ready for you when your time comes. Enjoy the ride.

By Walt Bruley – MIAMA Retiree

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