Changes in Newsblast-Web Site Structure

Since 1997 I have been authoring the MIAMA Newsletter. Since 1997 the newsletter was fairly predictable for14 years; the responbility was to gather and produce a quarterly 4-8 page hand out to keep members up to date of the happenings of our organization.  As technology changes were implemented for MIAMA we have been able to get the news to our membership in a more timely up to date manner through the newsblast.


Over the past few years the newsblast has been able to keep members informed by up to the minute articles of interest and have made a large portion of the old newsletter position dated and less effective.  The position changed and the biggest part of the position is putting together the MIAMA Annual report which serves two purposes. It provides a document listing the comprehensive efforts of MIAMa and its board through each year and secondly serves as an official document as part of MIAMA’s buiness as a state non-profit.


Needless to say the speed of information is moving rapidly and the web site committee is doing more and more.


That said I thought it would be the right time to have someone else from the membership take on what had been my responsibilities with the newsblast and put it to better use as part of the web site group. And quite honestly we are due for someone new to take it in a new direction, so I have desided to resigned my positon as newsblast editor effective September 30th and will be working with Jon Balvance on blending the best of what I did for many years into new formats and taking it further to better serve MIAMA.


I will still be helping MIAMA and the board whenever possible and will enjoy being at conferences/etc and not have to worry about taking good pictures and nagging members for more information for an upcoming article etc.


Seriously, its been a fun,fun, fun ride working with the many Board members through 18 years.  And to think I had volunteered to help for a couple years and it turned into 18 years.


Ther are no retirement plans in my future as I have about 5 more years til I hit a magic number ( no rule of 90 here- dang).


i look forward to our special 40th year conference for many reasons and in turning over the newsletter keys to someone like Jon will be a pleasure.


Thanks and see you next week.



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