August Monthly Board Member Update

August brings a certain level of urgency each year and this year is no exception. Families are scrambling to get that one last vacation in, gear up for the upcoming school year and brush up on those hockey skills prior to try-outs. For MIAMA our urgency is not that much different.

This last true month of summer should be one taking that final vacation break and much needed “R & R” prior to the push that is right around the corner. It is also a time to get that extra training done, get your equipment rooms and house in order so when the season does arrive you are ready.

We are fortunate to have the Fall Conference as our official transition into the season. The Fall Conference is a great way to network, work with our vendors and pick up a few tips and pointers which can go a long way for the staff throughout the season. And it’s also a golden opportunity to attend certification courses and bring back even more for your season.

Each August every Board member completes a recap of the progress and happenings of the past year. This will be the fourth year of completing an annual report which summarizes our year as an organization. This report is not only helpful for the membership, but also serves as a function of our non-profit status with the state. The Annual report will be available on the website and be referenced at the fall business meeting.

Speaking of Board members and responsibilities, it’s never too late to become more involved with MIAMA. Every Board member will say the commitment is worthwhile to them personally and professionally and the extra time isn’t that demanding. It actually makes you a better time manager and hopefully a better arena leader as well. So don’t forget to vote for our positions open on the board.

In closing, take the time you need in August to rest up and gear up for what is ahead. I hope to see a big turnout at the Fall Conference at Breezy Point.

Written by Dave Black

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