It’s Game Time!

For most of us in the “State of Hockey” now is our time to shine as our arenas will soon be hosting numerous high school and youth hockey games and tournaments now that the season is in full swing. 

For many arenas high school games are the biggest events your arena will host this year so make sure you are ready.  Now is the time to double check that all your staff is prepared to handle any situation that may arise.  Altercations in the bleachers, broken dasher board glass or even a fire alarm (real or false) are all situations that may occur.  Be sure that you have a procedure in place and your staffs are aware of how to respond.

It is also important to make sure your facility is ready for the increase in traffic as well as first time visitors.  As the old saying goes “you never have a second chance to make a first impression”; and this is no more true than in the arena business.  With the increase in out of town teams you will have many players, parents, grandparents, etc. that will be visiting your arena for the first time during high school games and youth tournaments.  I always like to take a walk through my building starting in the parking lot and working my way all the way through the restrooms and bleachers and imagine it is my first time visiting the building.  Burnt out light bulbs, broken door handles and graffiti on the walls are all things that could lead a first time visitor to wonder how long these things have been neglected and how well you really take care of your building.

Regardless of whether you host youth tournaments or high school games, take some time to review your staff preparedness and building aesthetics to ensure that everything is in order so you can showcase your organization at the highest level.

Nothing better than enjoying the Holidays with good hockey games.

Have a wonderful December.

Happy Holidays.

Shayne Ratcliff Bd Member

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