As the heavy part of the season rolls in I would like to take a few moments to re-emphasize the importance of training your part-time staff.  An important part of leading and managing is to made sure all employees get your messege load and clear. We, who are more vested into our rinks than anyone, become very particular to how we want things to be done .  It may be the ice depths.  It may be the bathrooms.  It may be the locker rooms.  It may be anything within our rinks.  The fact is that full-time staff can’t be around the rink for every single hour of the day makes it even more important to set the standard for all staff during training.  It is right to bring in part-time staff to help with the load.  The important thing is that they are trained according to what your standards are.  The best way to go about things is to start from scratch – assume they know nothing about the rinks.  The way you want things to be may have to be demonstrated to the part-timers.  And that is okay.  Don’t rush the process – especially when it comes to ice maintenance.  Full-timers who drive their Zambonis and Olympias know how to adjust the blade and water levers and the such.  Make sure the part-timers are run through the proper protocol.  If not, you will have lots of work ahead of you making up for mistakes that they did not know they were making.  We are all in the full swing of things.  Keep everybody in the loop on your staff and maintain great facilities for people to use.


Enjoy the Ride and Happy holidays!


Cale Politoski  South East District

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