4th Annual Spring Arena Tour

4th Annual

Spring Arena Tour

Everyone is invited to join us on our annual spring arena tour on May 24th.

We will begin our tour at the Anoka Area Ice Arena 9:00am.

Followed by the

Andover Community Center 10:45am.

Lunch (Not provided, but we will find somewhere to accommodate us)

A portion of lunch will be paid for by

Becker Arena Products

Then a tour of

Schwan Super Rinks 1:00pm.

Finally we will finish this year at the

Brooklyn Park Activity Center 2:45pm.

If you are interested in joining us for one or more of the arenas please RSVP to Eric Hanson at ehanson@ci.rogers.mn.us

Hope everyone can attend and bring a camera and notebook to jot down ideas for your facility.


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