2009-2010 MIAMA Annual Report

President’s Report

The past year turned out to be very busy and filled with several challenges to our industry and facing the board. The economy was of great concern to all; affect our industry with loss of subsidies, participation in ice sports and the fear of positions being eliminated though budget cuts. The economic struggles will continue for all of us for some years to come and will push us to look for continued efficiencies in our operations and new forms of revenue.

The other signification topic of the year was Air Quality. We all knew about the proposed changes to Air Quality with the Department of Health rule making process with several stakeholder meetings taking place across the state. The proposed legislation came as a surprise to all and the first version of the bills we of great concern to the industry because of the costs associated with the proposed requirements. Board members attended numerous meetings and met individually with the authors of the House and Senate and were successful in delivering our message and later versions of the bill were more favorable to the industry. While the bill ultimately failed a lot was learned from the process and it brought the topic of air quality to our attention. The Department of Health has now continued the Rule Making process and there are several representatives on the advisory committee, but it will take all of us working together to makes sure our membership is educated and informed of the potential air quality issues in our facilities.

Though facing this year’s challenges and making changes in our organization MIAMA continues to be leader the in the ice arena industry. Our industry will continue to face economic struggles in the coming year and see pressure to address air quality in our facilities and it will take all of working and supporting each other to overcome these challenges.