Rinkfinder.com Instructions – May 2018

MIAMA has recently moved to a new platform for the www.rinkfinder.com website.

We have put together some cheat sheets that are listed below.

Here are the instructions to export your available ice from Maximum Solutions, Max Galaxy and Rec Trac. 

How To Export Ice From Max Galaxy – May 2018

Max Enterprise Ice Export for Rinkfinder

Rec Trac Ice Export to Rinkfinder

Here are instructions for uploading and deleting ice time.

Instructions for uploading and deleting ice time – April 2018

Rinkfinder.com Instructions for updating your page – April 2018

If you are still having issues with www.rinkfinder.com, please contact either Dean Mulso at dmulso@miama.org or Jon Balvance @ jbalvance@miama.org.

MIAMA Board of Directors