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***UPDATE** 91 of 100 tickets sold to date!  Don’t be left out or pay more than necessary.


The first people to submit their registration form via mail WITH PAYMENT (Check, Money Order, Cashier’s Check or Cash) will receive tickets, in the order in which they are received via a post mark on the envelope.


Because of the high demand for MN Wild Group sales and the fact that the MN Wild sold more season ticket packages, they have limited us to receiving only 100 tickets.


Return your FORM and PAYMENT:

Rosemount Community Center

Jon Balvance

Attn: MIAMA Wild Social

13885 South Robert Trail

Rosemount, MN 55068-3438


We want to thank our social Sponsors for their support as well:

Let’s Play Hockey

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November 2015 Monthly Board Member Update

By Dean Mulso

I have been in the ice rink business for 28 years. I remember my first few years as frustrating to say the least. I knew nothing about hockey and even less about ice rinks. The amount I had to learn and the resources I had to learn from were very far apart. My favorite phrase muttered by me often during that time was, “There must be a better way of doing things. There must be someone out there somewhere with all the information I am looking for, all in on place.” Then I found it, the Minnesota Ice Arena Manager’s Association. My learning curve soared through the roof. MIAMA offered me the experience of its membership, people with 20+ years of experience at the time, willing to mentor the “rookies.” There were vendor members, those in the business of supplying goods and services to the ice rink industry, ready to answer questions and show the latest in time and money saving equipment. There were safety issues addressed, how to make rinks safer for the customer and for the employee. Bleacher safety, air quality, fan behavior, MIAMA covered it all.

Now, at this point in my career, I cannot thank MIAMA enough for all the wonderful folks I have met over the years and for getting me on the right track. It feels strange now to be one of the mentoring veterans, answering questions and helping out. Lately, being a MIAMA board member has been another step in my learning process, for you see, I am still learning.

MIAMA is now taking an even stronger role in providing educational opportunities for its members. We continue to partner with the ISI and STAR to provide educational classes that directly benefit you and in turn will benefit your facility.

MIAMA has also looked inward to itself for training. With the rolling out of regional meetings, MIAMA will be able to take timely topics, cutting edge technologies and put that into a short meeting/lunch setting around the state of Minnesota throughout the year. The goal is to offer the membership more learning opportunities, closer to home.
Another goal of these meetings is the networking that we all do when we get together. The board of directors is currently finalizing the formatting and outline to present to the vendors so they can present topics at these meetings.

I believe it is all facilities mission to find the best way possible to economize, keeping items cost effective for our customers, and to provide a safe environment while customers in our facilities and to give them the best product possible. MIAMA will be actively working to give our membership the opportunity to fulfill this mission.

The board of directors will be meeting in February to set our Spring Workshop that will take place in May of 2016.

To find out more about MIAMA visit www.miama.org for all the latest information. This web site is one small example of the effort put forth by MIAMA and its members to serve you. Next time you go to your favorite rink, look for the MIAMA symbol. That’s smart.

Jon Balvance
MIAMA Communications Director

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***LAST CHANCE*** 2015 MIAMA Fall Conference Survey


We will close the survey this Friday, November 20th at 4:30pm. If you'd like to give your input, please do so before that time. Thank you!


The link below is a survey for all members, however it does focus on the following topics; Fall Conference, Location of Fall Conference, Education, Trade Show and general comments. We ask that everyone please take a couple of minutes and complete the survey to help serve the membership better.

The Board of Directors thanks you in advance for your feedback and continued support of MIAMA.



MIAMA 40th Anniversary Logo

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Ramsey County to hold meetings on future of ice arenas


Jon Balvance
MIAMA Communications Director

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MIAMA Member Spotlight: Joe Amundson - City of Thief River Falls, Ralph Engelstad Arena and Huck Olson Memorial Civic Center

MIAMA Member Spotlight: Joe Amundson - City of Thief River Falls, Ralph Engelstad Arena and Huck Olson Memorial Civic Center

Name: Joe Amundson
Organization Name: City of Thief River Falls, Ralph Engelstad Arena and Huck Olson Memorial Civic Center
Address: 525 Brooks Ave North, PO Box 528
City: Thief River Falls State:Minnesota Zip:56701
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone #: 218-681-2183
Website: www.citytrf.net

Tell us how you got into the industry?
I went to college for Parks and Recreation Administration. I knew I wanted to be involved with a very broad field.

How many year have you been in the ice arena industry?

What is the best part about working in an ice arena?
Getting to know the people who are around frequently

Using one word, name one thing you love about working at a rink?

Nobody’s perfect in this industry. Tell us your worst experience at a rink so far?
Getting to the Huck on a nice summer day and the compressors are not running outside.

What are the first three things you do when you get to the rink each day?
Computer on, facility checks, make any necessary changes to our daily plan

How do you feel ongoing professional development is helping you and your career?
Networking is very important to bounce ideas and questions off.
Establishing relationships with others in the industry is very beneficial.

How would you explain to the average hockey parent how the ice resurfacer works to resurface the ice?
Blade underneath conditioner cuts the ice, gathers it into the horizontal, up through vertical auger into large dump tank in the front.
Hot water coming out the back to fill in the cuts and smooth it out with the towel.

Who would you like to acknowledge for helping (mentoring) you along the way?
All of the people who take the time to talk about issues and offer any guidance. So many GOOD PEOPLE in the industry tough to name a couple!

What is the best tip you have learned from any of the classes offered through MIAMA?
Management and operations of multiple events in facility is especially crucial for the REA.

Jon Balvance
MIAMA Communications Director

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