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Dave Black

Welcome New Vendor Member - Zero Zone Inc

Zero Zone, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of industrial refrigeration systems for ice arenas, cold storage, and food processing. Established in 1961 in the upper Midwest, Zero Zone for over 20 years has provided custom refrigeration chiller systems for ice rinks. The chillers are indirect refrigeration systems, utilizing propylene or ethylene glycol. Chillers remove heat from a liquid through a vapor compression or absorption refrigeration cycle when large capacity cooling is needed. Chiller systems are used in many applications including food processing, distilleries, and manufacturing. Zero Zone is also a foremost manufacturer of refrigerated glass door display cases and commercial refrigeration systems for supermarkets, drug, dollar, and convenience stores. Zero Zone has display case plants in North Prairie and Waukesha, WI and a refrigeration systems plant in Ramsey, MN.

The Zero Zone design uses an advanced control system to monitor ice temperatures, signaling the chiller to run only the amount of refrigeration required to maintain desired ice temperature. This innovative control system enables the rink manager to monitor and receive alarms from the chiller, in his office or at a remote location. This technology results in lower operational costs because it better matches the load. For ice rinks this means having more compressors when needed to make the ice surface and fewer operating to maintain the ice surface. Most Zero Zone ice arena packages include two refrigeration circuits, providing redundancy and ensuring that one is always operational. Customers are very pleased with both the reliable performance of our chiller systems and their unparalleled energy efficiency. For more information, visit us at www.zero-zone.com or call us toll-free at 800-708-3735 and ask to speak to one of our industrial refrigeration specialists.

­­­­­­Media Contact:            Carl J. Petersen

                                    Marketing & Advertising Manager

                                    Zero Zone, Inc.

                                    110 N. Oakridge Drive

                                    North Prairie, WI 53153

                                    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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MIAMA Administrator

Website Outages This Week

Over the weekend, hackers exploited our website, www.miama.org and injected malicious code into our software.

If you tried to login over the weekend or on Monday, we are presuming they “cloned” the site’s front page and was absorbing passwords and usernames that were entered.  This is not confirmed, but worst case scenario that is what they were doing.  We deleted the site site and restored to back up taken last week, so we were back up and running.  Our hosting providers security scan discovered some malicious code on our account.  Our account was flagged and taken offline for security reasons.  We have been working with them all day yesterday and today where they went through and scanned all of our files and scripts, targeted where the hackers got in and we have corrected that.  With that, our software that has been handling our classified ads,  was used to gain access and inject their code via that way.  We have removed that 3rd party software and the site is now secure.

With that, it is very important that our users change their passwords immediately.  As with good password usage, you should use a different password for each and every website.  It is strongly suggested that you do not utilize the same passwords on this website as you do for banking or work logins.

Now what could that hackers have gotten away with – potentially your username, password (if entered over the weekend) First and last name, job title, email and job title.  Passwords are saved in our database encrypted information.  AS A NOTE:  WE DO NOT STORE OR HAVE ACCESS TO ANY FINANCIAL DATA WHATSOEVER IN REGARDS TO CREDIT CARD NUMBERS.  THAT IS ALL HANDLED BY A 3RD PARTY (PAYPAL) SERVICE AND IS SECURE AND COMPLIANT WITH BANKING REGULATIONS

With the confirmed intrusion into our website, we are increasing our sites password requirements.  The new requirements will be as follows:

- Minimum of 6 characters

-Minimum of 1 number

-Minimum of 1 capital letter

-Minimum of 1 symbol (for example:  @#$%%^&, spaces do qualify in this category)

An easy way to set a very secure password that you will remember is to type a sentence such as:

“I have driven a maserati 3 times.”  This would meet all criteria listed above and be very secure.


We apologize for any inconvenience during this time frame.

Travis Larson

Website Editor

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Dave Black

August Board Member Update

In 1970 a group of 15 rink managers formed, The Metro Arena Manager’s Association. To acknowledge its growth the association renamed itself, The Minnesota Ice Arena Managers Association (MIAMA) in 1975.  Over these years the mission of the association has never wavered from its original mission, to provide a network where arena operators and suppliers can share in their knowledge, information, ideas, and techniques to improve the ice arena industry.   

This year marks the 40thAnnual Fall Conference that will be held at Breezy Point Resort in Brainerd. Whether you’re taking one of the STAR or ISI Certified courses being offered or listening in on one of the many round table sessions this year’s conference promises to be an exciting and fulfilling time.  

Guest Speakers include, Joe Malarkey, which will make you forget about your rink problems for a while, Lou Nanne, do I need to say more, and Jerrid Sebesta, award winning TV (KARE 11) meteorologist, motivational speaker, and financial life coach.   To review all the information regarding the conference go to www.miama.org

The annual Fall Conference is a great time to reflect back and look ahead. Get your registration in and gear up for Breezy Point September 9-11th as you need to be part of our 40th year benchmark.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who assisted in bringing this year’s conference together, without the help of many this event would be just a shell. Shaping the Fall Conference each year offers a neat challenge and I recommend that you give it a try in the future.  Joining and working on a committee is always a good way to give back to the association and a great chance to learn a different angle within the industry that you can take back to your own work place.

I would also like to say thank you to the board members. This was my second stint on the board, one when I was just getting into the business a few years back, and my current that will end this fall .  Both terms were very educational, fun, and entertaining.  I would recommend anyone, rookies and veterans alike, to take the time and become a board member.  It’s well worth the time.   

Rich Czech 

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